The Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems and Technology (PIST) is aimed at fast-tracking high-potential young graduates, into the world of Information Technology and Information Systems. By combining a broad understanding of Information Systems and Technology concepts, practical applications and immediate transfer of learning to the work environment, PIST students are at an advantage.

Through a combination of classroom lectures, case studies, Information technology simulations and Projects, and Information system field trips, students will gain immediate insight into the world of Information Technology and Information Systems.

The programme will also give students the opportunity to develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills, to manage risks and uncertainty, and gain analytical and financial expertise.The curriculum enables students to master the fundamentals of Information Systems Principles, latest technologies and best practices in Information technology. Students are prepared to face a challenging market by gaining knowledge of Informations systems and how they operate, strategic planning and management of the information systems, learning about Information Systems functions and there integration in business operations in the current market trends and compete in today's competitive world.