Academic Programme Fees/Semester (UGX) Years of Study
Postgraduate Programmes 1,530,000 1
Undergraduate Programmes 1,280,000 3
Diplomas 830,000 2
Vocational Courses 830,000 2
Higher Education Certificate 580,000 1
Certificate Programme 580,000 2

While all fees are due on the first day of the semester, MBS has a flexible fees payment policy that enables students to pay Fees in small and manageable installments. Students who may not afford to make all fees payments at once can pay in 5 installments as shown below;

  • Payment of functional fees on the first day of the Semester
  • 30% fees by the 5th week of the semester
  • 60% fees by the 8th week of the semester
  • 80% fees by the 10th week of the semester
  • 100% fees by the 12th week of the semester

For Post graduate programmes, all fees are due on the first day of the semester but parents/ guardians /students who may not be able, can make payments according to the following schedule;

  • Payment of functional fees and half of Fees on the first day of the semester
  • All the remaining fees should be paid by the 8th week of the semester.

Both local and international students pay the same fees.

All fees payments must be made to the following University account;

Bank: Bank Of Africa

Account Name: Mulitech Business School

Account Number: 10209085003

Applicants are required to pay a none-refundable application fee of Uganda Shillings 30,000/=