Bachelors of Micro Finance Management

This programme was designed to generally prepare our students to equip them with skills and knowledge competencies in the field of microfinance services. It is meant to provide a bridging gap for students who would have loved tp persue degrees in Business studies or Professional courses such as; CPA or ACCA, but had initially failed to meet the requirements for the same. The Bachelors in Microfinance Management gives a chance to those students to pursue their dream and even work in the same field. Students are also given a firm background to further their Qualification on successful completion of the course. The course is intended to Equip students with all the necessary skills needed in the field. Students are also given a firm background to further their qualification on successful completion of the course.

The course is intended to equip students with all necessary skills needed in the field of micro finance in east african region Therefore the course includes many course units meant to impart skills of an all rounded professional. The bachelors draws students to understanding the use of microfinance services by low-income households. Morover it draws on the comparative advantage of working closely with microfinance

Institutions to acquire knowledge on the profiles of rural households, communities, and their agricultural enterprises. it also enlightens on applied knowledge in principles of economics and economic development, banking and finance,aspects of group formation and dynamic, accounting ,loans cycles and portfolio Management, liquidity and financial management, microfinance operations and controls.

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One BMF 1101 Introduction to Microfinance
    BAF 1101 Financial accounting I
    BMF 1102 Introduction to co-operations mgt
    BBM 1102 Business Economics
    BBM 1103 Business Communication Skills
    BIT 1101 IT & Computer applications
Year One Semester Two BBF 1203 Accounting & lending process Mgt
    BMF 1204 Recruitment, training & Retention of MF clients
    BBM 1206 Entrepreneurship Development
    BBM 1204 Business Law
    BMF 1205 MF methodologies and customer services
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
    VCS 1325 Vocational Study
Year Two Semester One BBF 1101 Bank Operations I
    BBF 2108 Corporate Finance I
    BAM2103 Human Resource Management
    BAF 2219 principles of Taxation
    BMF 2106 Risk management in MF
    BMF 2107 MFI Governance, Policy Formulation & Procudures
    BBM 2101 Research Methodology
Year Two Semester Two BMF 2208 Marketing for MFIs
    BBF 2012 Corporate finance II
    BMF 2209 Strategies & procedures for Setting up MF
    BMF 2210 Elements of Criminal law and evidence
    BMF 2211 Info.sys. Mgt, security & Audit
    BBF 1203 Bank Operations II
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
    VCS 2321 Vocational Study
Year Three Semester One BMF 3112 Accounting & Micro finance
    BMF 3113 Community mobilization techniques
    BMF 3114 Project management Fundamentals
    BMF 3115 Critical thinking: Decission Making
    BMF 3116 Strategic Business Planning for MFIs
    BMF 3117 Fundrasing & Resource Mobilization
Year Three Semester Two BAF 2221 Computerzed Accounting I
    BMF 3218 Critical thinking: Problem Solving
    BMF 3219 Community Development Methods
    BBF 3118 Law relating to Banking/MF
    BBF 3117 Monetary & Financial Systems
    BMF 2107 Treasury management I
    BMF 3221 Research Project

Programme Objectives

Microfinance Management graduates have a wide area of career choices. They can either work in the area of credit management, finance or auditing. These careers are both in private and public sector enterprises. However, in order to qualify as apublic accountant, one is supposed to further qualifications and obtain professional qualification of CPA(U).

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

Mature Age Entry: Applicants shall sit for Mature Age Entry scheme examination of those insititutions Mandated by NHCE to conduct those exams.(Makerere University, Kyambogo,IUIU and Gulu University).

Diploma Holders: A candidate shall be admitted to the program if she/he has a relevant diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning.

Fees/Semester (UGX) Years of Study
1,280,000 3