Postgraduate in Procurement and Logistics Management

The increased growth in our economy and global growth of international trade has necessitated training a group of procurement professionals who will manage our organization in the procurement and logistics Field. Post Graduate Diploma in procurement and logistics management programme will equips graduates with skills and knowledge in Inventory and warehouse management, legal aspects of procurement, transport and distribution, public procurement, management and organisational theory.

The graduates are ideally placed to work either in multi-national companies as procurement managers, procurement executives, business planners, project managers and assistant tutors. The programme also trains students to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses with the aid of both marketing and procurement skills and knowledge. Others will take up further studies in business related courses.

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One PLM 1101 Principles of Procurement and supplies management
PLM 1102 Legal Aspects in Purchasing and Supply
PLM 1103 Public Procurement Management
PLM 1104 Inventory and Stores management
PBM 1102 Organisational Theory and Management
PLM 1105 Management Information systems
PBM 1106 Business statistics
Year One Semester Two PLM 1201 Strategic Procurement Management
PLM 1202 Logistics and Distribution Management
PBM 1202 Strategic Planning and Management
PBM1203 Research Methods
PLM 1203 Procurement Ethics
PBM1201 Financial Management
PBM 1206 Human Resource management

Minimum Requirements A Bachelors Degree from a recogonized insititution.

Download a Copy of the Application Form, fill in the required information, Attach relevant academic qualification and send to

You can still submit the filled form with relevant academic qualifications to any of our branches [Kampala Campus, Kakiri Campus and Hoima Campus]. For location details, please click here

Please note: Application form fee is 30,000/= paid directly to finance department.

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Year1SemI Year1SemII
1,530,000/= 1,530,000/=
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