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Kakiri Campus Opens in January 2013. Come January 22nd 2013, all MBS- Nansana Students will start having their classes at the Kakiri-Multitech Main Campus.

A meeting with the current students of Nansana Study Centre was held on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, to introduce the students to their new Study Centre. There was several exchanges of ideas and sought challenges among which included; library, transport, accommodation etc.

Sports students will be encouraged to be resident at the Kakiri- Multitech main Campus given that all facilities for sports persons are provided for here.

The Student’s Guild appreciated MBS inventiveness for the Kakiri- Multitech main Campus and the fact that we will all work toward it getting to the University status and they pledged to work together with MBS management in order to attain this plus engaging businesses like the canteen and involving other stakeholders.

The head of department Professional courses said students are encouraged to study professional courses like ACCA, ATC alongside Diploma courses. He also said Multitech Business School has offered 55 slots for students intending to do ACCA in the forthcoming semester. The qualifying students shall be exempted from paying Initial Registration fees (79 pounds). Contact the customer care desk: Mr. Kalanzi or Mr. Mpubani David or Head of Department for professional studies.

The Head of the IT department said there is need to have knowledge about many things in IT including Cisco, Computer maintenance and repairs etc. He said that as professional accountants there is need to have knowledge in IT.He also said that the Kakiri- Multitech main Campus will have a computer laboratory established with internet. The department will start offering a Diploma in Business computing and in the near future introduce a Diploma in IT, computer science, Tally and Quick books.

The registrar said that admissions are on with discounts of 10% on Student’s tuition fees but not functional fees, for every student who brings a new student .This incentive applies only to students.

From the research and publications department; this applied to both students and lecturers; research, reports, proposals, internships should be done in the right time otherwise a penalty on failure to finish before going to next semester.Supervisors will be there.

Students are encouraged to come back to Multitech for advancement since MBS is moving from awarding Diplomas to Degrees.

The “Professor” Mr.Musisi Ferdinand said as Chairman of the Staff Association that the association has turned into a SACCO (Savings And Credit Co-operative) after registration with the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives as required under the cooperatives society Act cap 112; which gives legal personality status to operate a cooperative recognized to transact business of keeping members savings, investing it & giving credit to its members.

The first investment will be in ventures that will help our students to excel like providing Hostel accommodation facilities in the nearby localities of Kakiri- Multitech main Campus.

More About the Campus

Announcing opening of Kakiri Campus

MULTITECH BUSINESS SCHOOL OPENS A NEW CAMPUS KAKIRI CAMPUS The Management of Multitech Business School is pleased to announce the opening of their Kakiri Campus and commencement of training sessions starting on Monday, January 21, 2013.


A. CERTIFICATE Certificate in Business Administration and Management. Certificate in Secretarial Studies.

B. DIPLOMA 1. Diploma in Finance and Accounting. 2. Diploma in Business Administration and Management. 3. Diploma in Secretarial and Office Management.

C. PROFESSIONAL STUDIES 1. ATC - Accounting Technicians Certificate of Uganda. Besides, Kakiri Campus will provide opportunity for all students with a wide range of vocational options or hands-on training, thus affording students with a chance to commence clearly defined career paths in occupations that are valued, in demand and potential to high incomes.

MBS is devoted to graduating students with practical skills. And in doing so MBS is adding to both public and private sectors a group of professionally skilled labour that can be utilized locally and outside the country. Send your child to our training centres, Kakiri and elsewhere for the opportunity to gain qualifications that will better equip them for employment in valued careers that have a positive future. MANAGEMENT

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