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Below are series of Statements. Please respond by circling the number you feel most reflects your opinion
The course outline was provided on time
The course fulfilled its objectives
The course satisfied my own needs and expectations
There was opportunity for Group work
There was opportunity for individual participation
The Material presentend was it Practical relevance
I was motivated to Learn
Course hand-outs or Powerpoint notes are provided
The teaching methods used helped learn effectively
The lecturer provide sufficient test & course works
There was opportunity for feed back and evalation
The lecture was ever punctual and exhibited competence
Additional Comments (Please feel free to continue comments overleaf)
[1] What do you like about the Lecturer(likes)?
[2] Which are should the Lecturer improve on (dislikes)?
[3] Would you prefer this Lecturer to teach you again? If not, please outline your reasons
[4] Reg(No)
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Your input is ans integral part of the evalaution and review process as we"enable excellence"
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