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Multitech Business School (MBS)
Distance education is quite a new programme meant to address the challenges faced by people who would wish to further their education but are incapacitated by busy schedules and distance.
To achieve this MBS developed an E-learning system, where students interact with instructors through lecture presentations, and administration of tests and/or course works.
The E-learning system enables learners not only to have live lectures but also receive recordings of those lectures.
Students can also have access to the Powerpoint presentations and other word references.
Exams are still administered centrally at the institute until such a time when E-learning controls will be enhanced.
With this approach and flexibility, it is our hope that challenges already mentioned above can be addressed.

Governance and Curriculum

MBS Distance Learning and traditional education curricular are one and same and are accredited by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).
Both undergraduate and graduate courses are subject to criteria established by the MBS Academic Board; approved by the MBS Governing Council and accredited by the NCHE. MBS Academic Board ensures that the following criteria are met before a program can be offered on

Distance Learning Format
1. A complete program is offered that enables enrolled students to graduate in a timely fashion.
2. There are sufficient program facilities and faculty and support staff, willing and able to deliver the program at the requisite level of quality.
3. The program meets all relevant MBS program requirements.
4. The program will be comparable in quality to the on-campus version.
5. The Integrity of the student work and the credibility of programmes and credits are ensured.
Institutional Responsibility for Distance Learning Activities
There are four departments at MBS Namely Business Management; Business Computing, Information Technology and Vocations; Graduate Studies department; and Professional studies.
• Distance learning programmes are found only in the first three departments mentioned above. These departments assume primary responsibility for oversight of distance learning at MBS and provide technical assistance to the Distance Learning Unit (Administrative) of the School.
• The Distance Learning Unit ensures the rigor of distance learning courses and programs and acts to maintain the quality of instruction.
• The MBS Academic Board ensures that sound and acceptable practices are used for determining the amount and level of credit awarded.
• The Business Management; and Business Computing, Information Technology and Vocations Departments and Graduate studies department with the approval of the MBS Academic Board, ensure that programmes constitute coherent entities that are compatible with the School’s mission and appropriate to offer at an institution of higher education.
• The Departments work with the Distance learning Unit of the School to establish and monitor instruction in distance learning programmes.
• Distance Learning programmes are subject to the same institutional effectiveness practices as traditional offerings.
• Distance Learning programmes will be assessed from time to time by respective Departments in conjunction with Distance Learning Unit (DLU) to ensure they meet the requisite level of quality and provide comparable quality and effectiveness to on-campus versions.
Distance learning programmes are found only in the first three departments mentioned.

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