Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Multitech Business School (MBS) has in the last years established itself as an institution that orients students with relevant skill based knowledge that enables the graduates to find, own and create the jobs the education market. By exposing students to a rigorous curriculum that stresses ECD knowledge and hands-on training, MBS successfully equips them with competencies to succeed and excel in a commercial environment at the work place and on their own. The diploma in Early childhood Teacher Education is being proposed to respond to the growing demand for children education and care. The field Early Childhood Education and Care is about providing a balanced and stimulating course of study emphasizing the application of the practical methods, principles and theory in which the social, legal and economic context of early years operate.

. Therefore, students who opt for specialized training in Early Childhood Teacher Education will gain the technical knowledge and professional skills that are transferable at work through and for work in an early year’s environment. Embracing this programme offers them a golden opportunity to experience an academic and personal metamorphosis towards self-actualization. This is of vital critical relevance to them and to a country so desperate to achieve meaningful sustainable development.

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One DECD 1101 History of Education
DECD 1102 Communication and educational Technology
DECD 1103 Education psychology I
DECD 1104 Development Education I
DECD 1105 Philosophy of Early Chilhood Education
DECD 1106 Methods and Approches
DECD 1106A Special Needs Education
Year One Semester Two DECD 1207 Pre-primary curriculum
DECD 1208 Cultural Education
DECD 1209 Language Acquisition and development
DECD 1210 Luganda Education
DECD 1211 Mathematics concept
DECD 1212 Mathematics concept
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
Year Two Semester One DECD 2113 Philosophy Of Education
DECD 2114 sociology Of Education
DECD 2115 Education Psycology II
DECD 2116 Kiswahili Education
DECD 2117 Community Involvement and Development
DECD 2118 Computer Fundamentals and Application
Year Two Semester Two DECD 2219 Measurement & Evaluation
DECD 2220 Education Administration and management
DECD 2221 Health and Nutrition
DECD 2222 Home Management and Family Education
DECD 2223 Research/Research Project
DECD 2224 School practise II

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

Download a Copy of the Application Form, fill in the required information, Attach relevant academic qualification and send to applications@multitech.ac.ug

You can still submit the filled form with relevant academic qualifications to any of our branches [Kampala Campus, Kakiri Campus and Hoima Campus]. For location details, please click here

Please note: Application form fee is 30,000/= paid directly to finance department.

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Year1SemI Year1SemII Year2SemI Year2SemII Year3SemI Year3SemII
685,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/=
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