Diploma in Culinary Arts

This qualification has been developed for those working within the catering industry and covers all the main elements of food preparation as well as specialist patisserie knowledge and skills. They are ideal for a range of candidates from those new to the kitchen to experienced professionals, and are recognized by employers all over the world. It ideal for anyone looking for a successful career in food preparation and cookery, from new starters to experienced professionals looking to specialize in patisserie or move into a supervisory role. The programme integrates the practical and theory rigor with professional and corporate Understandings

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One DCA Culinary Fundamentals, Tools & Equipment
DCA 1101 Principles of Cooking
DCA 1102 Nutrition , Hygiene and Safety
DIT Introduction to Computer Fundamentals
DCA 1103 Book Keeping & Records Management
Year One Semester Two DCA 1204 Flavours and Flavouring
DCA 1205 Stocks, Soups & Sauce
DCA 1206 Principles of Meat, Fish and Poultry Cookery
DCA 1207 Marketing Fundamentals (Retail Marketing)
DCA 1208 Entrepreneurship Development(Small Business Management, Feasibiltity Analysis and Business Planning)
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
Year Two Semester One DCA 2109 Break Fast, Brunch and Lunch
DCA 2110 Pastry and Baking Essentials
DCA 2111 International Cusuines-1
DCA 2112 Employment Rights & Professionalism
DCA 2113 Research Methodology
Year Two Semester Two BAM2201 Management of Information Systems
DCA 2214 Classic & Contemprary Desserts
DCA 2215 Hors C'oeuvres, Charcuterie & canapes
DCA 2216 International Cusuines-11
DCA 2217 Recipes, Menu Styles and Buffet Presentations
DCA 2218 Cost Control and Logistics Management
DCA 2219 Project

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

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Year1SemI Year1SemII Year2SemI Year2SemII Year3SemI Year3SemII
685,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/=
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