Diploma in Business Administration and Management

The overall aim of the programme is to train and equip students with adequate knowledge skills and attitudes that will enable them to face challenges in both private and public sector

As already noted our graduates are broad, well-grounded and an all rounded professionals able to fit anywhere. For example, an arts administrator manages activities and services which support the arts sector, involving projects and initiatives provided by theatres, galleries and museums; arts festivals and centres; dance companies; community and disability arts organisations; central, local and regional .

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One DFA 1101 Finincial Accounting
DBM 1101 Business Administration
DBM 1102 Business Economics
DIT 1101 Computer Fundamentals And Applications
DBM 1103 Business Communications
Year One Semester Two DBM 1201 Principles of management
DBM 1202 Business Law
BAM1203 Business Law
DBM 1203 Business Statistics
DBM 1204 Marketing Fundamentals
DBM 1205 Entrepreneurship Development
DBM 1206 Introduction to Ethics
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
DBM 1303 Marketing Skills
DIT 1301 Computer Skills
DBM 1301 Entrepreneurship Applications
Year Two Semester One DBM 2101 Research Methodology
DHR 1101 Human Resource Management
BAM2103 Human Resource Management
DFA 2129 Financial Accounting II
Accounting Option DFA 2127 Auditing
DFA 2228 Computerized Accounting
Management Option DBM 2102 Public relations
DBM 2103 Project Management
Year Two Semester Two DBM 2201 Business Operations Management
DFA 1218 Finincial Management
DFA 2216 Cost & Management Accounting
DBM Research Project
Accounting Option DFA 2267 Public Sector Accounting
DFA 2220 Taxation
Management Option DBM 2202 Strategic Management
DBM 2203 Organizational Behaviour
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
DFA 1321 Financial Literacy

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (3) passes at O'Level and (2) credits in Math And English or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

Download a Copy of the Application Form, fill in the required information, Attach relevant academic qualification and send to applications@multitech.ac.ug

You can still submit the filled form with relevant academic qualifications to any of our branches [Kampala Campus, Kakiri Campus and Hoima Campus]. For location details, please click here

Please note: Application form fee is 30,000/= paid directly to finance department.

To Apply Online. Please Click HERE!

Year1SemI Year1SemII Year2SemI Year2SemII Year3SemI Year3SemII
685,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/= 640,000/=
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