Course-Sumarry & Fees

We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational programs and courses that are global in focus and practical in application.

Business Management Courses

Developed with industry, our programs provide rigorous studies in the core areas of business and accountancy. There are opportunities to enhance your studies through mobility programs and by collaborating with peers, as well as with industry through work placements, projects or research. Graduates can expect to be employed in accounting, accounting-support or accounting technician roles in the financial services and other industries. With further study, graduates can become a qualified Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCAs) or Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs); Also the programme is intended to produce procurement and logistics graduates with requisite management and business skills capable of managing dynamic organizations and the procurement departments, either in employment or in self employment


Public Administaration & Management

You can combine specialist areas of business knowledge, collaborate on industry projects, solve problems for real clients. Access to industry experts and mentors develops skills in networking, prioritising and decision-making, problem-solving, ethical behaviour and leadership with majors in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Graduates, with industry experience typically work as administrative coordinators, personal assistants, receptionists, office supervisors/managers, personal administrators, secretaries.


Mass Comm & Journalism

Our graduates are able to deliver innovative content for a wide range of existing and new platforms including film, television and radio, social and mobile media, and the web. Ultimately the program will provide you with a broad knowledge of a wide range of media including traditional and emerging forms. Roles that program graduates can move into include Film and television directors, Radio presenters, producers, programmers, station managers, studio directors, journalists, editors - for commercial, government or community broadcasters.


Computing & IT

Apply your IT skills to a business context by learning about programming, web development (PHP and content management systems), operating systems, networking, database modelling and implementation. Graduates work in IT project management, software development, database development, networking, web development, systems administration.


Vocational Programmes

With a focus on design and technology, you will develop your creative and technical skills while working closely with the fashion industry, blending theory with practice through a series of industry-driven and live international projects. You will learn about specifications, technical development, computer-aided design (CAD), logistics, technology, global market. Graduates of this program have found employment with leading fashion organisations as designers, pattern makers and graders, product developers, specification technicians, quality assurance officers, production controllers, illustrators, or become small fashion business owner/operators.

Tuition Fees
Study Level Year 1Sem I Year 1Sem II Year2Sem I Year2SemII Year3SemI Year3SemII
Postgraduate 1,530,000/= 1,530,000/=
Degrees 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/=
Diplomas 830,000/= 830,000/= 830,000/= 830,000/=
Certificates 580,000/= 580,000/= 580,000/=
DECD 420,000/=
CECD 420,000/=

All fees are in Uganda Shillings, other fees payable when due are: application fees, convocation, academic gown, transcript, research or internship, identity card replacement, and retake feess. For more details please contact us.

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