Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc.CS) Degree Programme is offered to satisfy the increasing demand for Computer Scientists in both the private and public sectors. It also provides an avenue to those already engaged in the computing and ICT sector without a degree qualification in Computer Science to enhance their knowledge and skills and obtain formal qualifications. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum is designed to provide a formal body of knowledge for students interested in careers in the ever evolving computer industry. The curriculum includes a foundation in

The graduates from the BSc.CS Degree Programme are expected to take up positions such as Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, System Administrators, Network Administrators, Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Lecturers, Researchers, Database Programmers, and Computer/Systems Programmers. Others will take up further studies in Computer Science related courses.

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One BBC 1100 Business Communication Skills
BCS 1101 Computer Fundamentals and Application
BBC 1101 Prionciples of Management
BCS 1102 Computational Mathematics I
BCS 1103 Solutions Methods in Optimization
BITE 1102 Network Fundamentals
Year One Semester Two BCS 1201 Computational Mathematics II
BCS 1202 Research Methodology
BCS 1203 Programming Methodology
BCS 1204 Computer Organization and Architecture
BITE 1201 Website Development
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
BCS 1301 IT Practical Skills Development
BCS 1302 Individual Project 1
BCS 1303 Professional Law and Ethics
Year Two Semester One BCS 2201 Object Oriented Programming
BCS 2102 Database Management Sysytems I
BCS 2103 Data Structures and Algorithms
BCS 2105 Software Engineering
Elective (1 Elective Course) BCS 2104 Artificial Intelligence
BCS 2106 Systems Programming
Year Two Semester Two BCS 2201 Operating Systems
BCS 2202 Systems Analysis and Design
BCS 2203 Complexity and Computability
BITE 2102 System Administration and Maintenance
Elective (1 Elective Course) BCS 2204 Cryptology and Coding theory
BCS 2103 E-Commerce
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
BCS 2301 Industrial Training
Year Three Semester One(4 Core Courses) BCS 3101 Database Management Systems II
BCS 3102 Principles of Programming languages
BCS 3103 Copmuter Graphics
BCS 3107 Individual Project 2(4 CU)
BCS 3105 Modelling and Simulation
BCS 3106 Computer Security
BCS 3104 User Interface Design
Year Three Semester Two(3 Core Courses) BCS 3200 Database Communications & Networks
BCS 3201 BCS Research Project
BITE 3201 Mobile Networks and Computing
Electives (1 Elective Course) BITE 3103 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
BCS 3105 Modelling and Simulation
BITE 3206 Enterprise Network Management

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

Mature Age Entry: Applicants shall sit for Mature Age Entry scheme examination of those insititutions Mandated by NHCE to conduct those exams.(Makerere University, Kyambogo,IUIU and Gulu University).

Diploma Holders: A candidate shall be admitted to the program if she/he has a relevant diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning.

Download a Copy of the Application Form, fill in the required information, Attach relevant academic qualification and send to

You can still submit the filled form with relevant academic qualifications to any of our branches [Kampala Campus, Kakiri Campus and Hoima Campus]. For location details, please click here

Please note: Application form fee is 30,000/= paid directly to finance department.

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Year1SemI Year1SemII Year2SemI Year2SemII Year3SemI Year3SemII
1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/= 1,280,000/=
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